Wednesday, November 19, 2008


I believe in personal responsibility. Governments do not have the obligation to assume responsibility for people's decision. Are you the kind of person that believes that the government should mandate a certain lifestyle and provide everyone with one regardless to personal effort or even luck?

Health care is not an impossible option for anyone. People choose to be financially irresponsible and spend thousands of dollars every year on restaurants, entertainment, and toys. They believe that it is their right to enjoy such things. They don't believe they have the responsibility to pay for their health. Why? Because it's a gamble. If you're healthy, why pay insurance when you can spend it on a new car? A decent private insurance plan for a family runs about $4,000 a year, which is affordable for everyone.

Sex is a physical contract in which you accept responsibility for potential children. If you cannot afford children, do not have them. Marriage is an institution that protects children because it provides an atmosphere in which the child can be provided for by two parents. Anything less than this is unfair to children. If you made a mistake and cannot afford your child, adoption is always better than death.

When the state begins to take away responsibilities, our rights will soon follow.

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